2-Handed Paintings of Breathing

Garner Arts Center
Garnerville, NY Oct 12-23

The Top of the pear shape is the top of the breath, high summer, breathing into the chest shoulders head and sky beyond. The first curve down is the half way exhale, from the chest, from autumn, from the heart. The Bottom of the shape is the bottom of the breath, winter, the exhale presses out the air with the belly, groin and Earth. Then comes the inhale into the belly, filling the bellows and roots self into spring. And then back to the tallest inhale into high summer, breathing inhaling into the sun and planets. And back down again. 
This is the Breathing shape that is mapped out here in the Portal Paintings. They are painted with left and right hand at the same time, so that movement is organic, meditative. A state of looking with wide angle vision at both hands painting at once is achieved, like two lungs breathing together and different in every breath.
The breathing shape becomes a like human sized tunnel, like to travel through a black hole, or portal. Breath is our Portal to all consciousness.