Yawning Booth


Yawning Booth

The 'Yawning Booth' installation is an audio visual sensory experience illustrating interconnectivity and exploring mirror neurons in the brain as the yawn is passed from one body to another.

It is a cozy little booth that people go to yawn in.

Inside the booth soft sounds of continuous yawning are heard.

The yawning track was made by recording the sound of my yawn, then listening back to the yawn. By the time I was done hearing the last one, I would feel compelled to yawn again and then record the next one. It goes on for many minutes.

Inside the booth, the Yawn track enters the visitor’s ears. It is absorbed into their body via hearing senses, and then, when the guest yawns, it is reflected back out of the yawning body into the eye of a live camera consensually facing the guest. Elsewhere in the gallery the Yawning Booth visitor’s experience is live-video-projected into the eyes of an observer who can then catch the yawn from inside the booth visually. The “Yawning Booth” changes the shape of this ‘thing’ the yawn from audio to visual within the body of the visitor. The yawn becomes a tool of separating the senses and  awareness using the sensory tools of awareness itself. Yawns are a bridge to new perspectives of understanding existence and interconnectivity of all beings. Dogs, cats, humans, birds, even fish yawn. 

In 2012, people first experienced Yawning Booth in the Pioneer Works Sculpture Garden in Redhook Brooklyn NY. 
Sadly Hurricane Sandy nearly carried the Yawning Booth out to sea, the interactive sculpture was destroyed, along with the homes and businesses of countless individuals.

In 2013 the next Yawning Booth was built and installed as part of a group exhibition "Dial Collect" at SOMArts San Francisco CA. April 4-26