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Animal Medicine Cards

.:. Hello Animals .:.
Adriana Atema here

The Kickstarter campaign to fund the printing of the Animal Medicine Cards, booklet and box has begun. Finally anyone can own their deck !

    In the coming weeks, Animal Medicine Cards will be swimming upstream to create new platforms of connection.

This Kickstarter is a chance to make a long time dream to publish the cards into reality.



The beings around us live their wisdom. My job is of a channel and translator to integrate these options of behavior for humans to choose from. This conversation creates a shift in consciousness in humans of all ages by focusing on the wisdom of these living neighbors -that sometimes even share our home. When those ideas reflect the personal, moving through the heart of a human relating, then wisdom has become medicine. We have many powers as Earthlings recognizing the personhood of all living beings. Let’s learn from each other. 
 One thing that is special about this deck is that Human is one of the animals. And Phosphorescence ! These Animal Medicine wisdom Cards are common animals, often ignored or even hated !! The rat, the pigeon, ant....

These are our teachers.