Adriana Atema explores interconnectivity, perception and story as a painter, installation artist, and musician. Based in Joshua Tree, California, Atema performs music as Wildlife Freeway, sharing her unique songs with her upright piano. Last year, Atema published Animal Medicine Cards, based on her original 28 hand made wooden card paintings. She was featured with the Animal Medicine Cards at Site Santa Fe Museum of Modern Art last November and the Hammer Museum carried them as part of Andrea Zittel’s gift shop takeover. Atema’s paintings are flat formalism moving into Earth body landscape paintings called Medicine Shapes, usually painted with her left and right hand at the same time, engaging the body and mind, creating a meditative state of absorption. She's built installations like the Yawning Booths, Red Room and Universes that become doorways to existential revelation of interconnectivity.  With her strange songs in Wildlife Freeway music, with the Animal Medicine Cards reaching through species to learn from each other, and through paintings and installations, Atema engages the senses to create a wider awakening of our capabilities and wonder.



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Art & Installation


December 2019 Paintings. solo exhibition. Compound Gallery, Yucca Valley, CA


2019 ‘Summer Blues’ ROW DTLA, Los Angeles, CA. group show. May 18-June 8,
2019 ‘Soul Machine’, paintings. group show, La Matadora, Joshua Tree, CA
2018 ‘Phosphorescence’Midnight Oil Gallery, Yucca Valley, CA. Animal Medicine Cards, paintings, with Totally Blown, November
2018 Animal Medicine Cards, featured at Site Santa Fe Museum, readings and signing decks, Santa Fe NM. Nov 24-25
2018 Animal Medicine Cards, Hammer Museum, Los Angeles CA. Andrea Zittel’s curated gift shop of high desert artists. Sept 1- Jan 6
2018 ‘Phosphorescence’ Midnight Oil Gallery with Totally Blown. Yucca Valley CA. November 1-30
2018 ‘Animal Medicine Cards’, published.  Joshua Tree CA. Oct 3
2017 ‘LOVE YOU, SEE ‘ Medicine Paintings, solo show, Peninsula Art Space, Brooklyn, NY Sept 1-5
2017 Rob Pruit's ‘Flea Market’, group show, Palm Springs Art Museum, Palm Springs, CA Feb 23-24
2016 Still House Group Drawing and collage teacher for @to_Bridges_ ,Bronx NY July 19-21
2016 ‘Informed Painting’, group show, Pablo's Birthday Gallery, New York, NY April 1-28
2016 ‘Circle of Women’ benefit auction, The Foundry, Long Island City, NY March 24
2015 ‘Resurface’, group show, Mx Gallery, New York, NY Oct 2-12
2015 ‘Mountain When Mountain’ solo show, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY June 14 - August 2
2015 ‘Village Fete’ group show auction benefit for Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY May 3
2014 ‘Is : Is a Celebration’ group show. Smith St Studios, Brooklyn NY Dec 19-jan 20
2014 ‘New Voices’ group show. NY Tibetan Art Studio, Active Space, Brooklyn NY. Aug 16-Sept 7
2014 Chair of Visual Arts at Blur: Blue Ridge Summer Institute for Young Artists, Sweet Briar College, Amherst, VA. June 9 -July 6
2014 ‘Objects of Poetic Reaction’ group show Greenpoint Palace Gallery, Brooklyn NY. April 19
2014 ‘Brucennial’ group show. 837 Washington St. New York, NY. March 7-April 4
2013 ‘Come Together: Surviving Sandy’ group show. Brooklyn NY. Oct 20-Dec 15
2013 ‘Portal’ at ‘Re-Imagine Garner’, Garner Arts Center, Garnerville, NY. Oct 12-13
2013 ‘Götterfunken: Oy to Joy" group show. Ray Smith Studio and BHQF, Brooklyn, NY, June 28
2013 ‘Yawning Booth’ experiential installation. "Dial Collect" SOMArts San Francisco CA. April 4-26
2012 ‘Foolsgold’ benefit group show for FrackAction. RH Gallery, New York, NY. Nov 7
2012 ‘Yawning Booth’ interactive installation. Sculpture garden, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn NY. Sept 15-Sandy
2012 ‘To the Stars on the Wings of an Eel’ group show. Gowanus Ballroom, Brooklyn NY. June 29-July 7
2012 ‘Brucennial’ group show. 159 Bleecker St. NY, NY. Feb 29-April 20
2011 ‘Animal Medicine’ at ‘Vodopoi’ with Rabid Hands, Highland Park MI. Sept 15
2011 ‘Ping Pong Palace’ paintings and installation. Pips, Brooklyn NY. July 8
2011 ‘Art Music Tea Party’ performance space installation and event. Parse Gallery, New Orleans LA. May 26
2011 ‘Big Face" 12/18 ft. painting painted with left +right hand at same time. Gowanus Ballroom Brooklyn NY April 8
2011 ‘Red Room’ installation, interactive performance. ‘A Light in the Basement’ Stanhope Cellar Studios, Brooklyn NY. April 1
2011 ‘Musical Tea House Doorway to the Universe’ Tea House, tunnel and Sound Universe installation "Sequence of Waves", St. Cecelia's Convent, Brooklyn, NY. Jan 29
2010 ‘Everyone Wins and You Light Up my Life (Contact Us)’ solo show. Two-handed paintings, video, and Universe installation. Trailer Park, Brooklyn, NY. Nov 18- Dec 2
2010 ‘Bruce Lee: Contact Us’ solo show of paintings. Revolver, San Francisco, CA. June 15- July 15
2009 ‘BRIGHT FACE!! (people you should know show)’ solo show. Portraits. The Bridge PAI, Charlottesville, VA. April 3-17
2008 ‘Holi’ solo show. paintings and drawings. Blue6, San Francisco CA. December 17
2008 ‘California as Paradox: Imagined Communities’ group show. Fort Gallery, San Francisco, CA. Feb 8
2007 Fire House, group show. Los Angeles, CA. November 30
2007 ‘California Highway’ solo show of paintings at the BlackBird Gallery. Berkeley, CA. April 20- May 21
2006 ‘The Prairie Dog’ paintings. Nabalom. Berkeley Ca. March
2005 ‘Hidden Teeth’ solo show. Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn, NY. March 11- April 3
2004 ‘Porch’ paintings. Marshview. Woods Hole, MA
2003 ‘3 rooms’ solo exhibition.  Paintings and Universe installation. Nature Gallery, Charlottesville, VA. March 20- April 21
2002 ‘Piano Bound’  installation and performance. Precario performance art collective. University of Louisville, Louisville, KY
2002 ‘Barn Storm’ Precario. art performance. Louisville, KY February 20
2001 ‘Wamperoom’ WAMP. Wildfist Studios. N. 5th St. Brooklyn, NY.


Wildlife Freeway Music


September 20
Earthwork Harvest Gathering, Lake City, Michigan

Past Music Shows :

2019 June 8…. Mercado Sagrado, Big Sur, CA. Wildlife Freeway •Suzanne Vallie • Range of Light Wilderness
2019May 4….’All Summers Eve Rendezvous’ 30 bands. The Palms, Wonder Valley. Wildlife Freeway 8:30 Saturday night.
2018 Nov 7…..Petit Ermitage. Los Angeles, CA •Joe Sumner •Wildlife Freeway
2018 Oct 22….Zebulon. Los Angeles, CA •Victoria Williams •Wildlife Freeway•Erin Durant
2018 Oct 20….The Hob. Oakland, CA •Victoria Williams •Wildlife Freeway•Erin Durant
2018 Oct 19….Bisch House, Santa Cruz, CA •Wildlife Freeway •Erin Durant •Windows
2018 Oct 18….Henry Miller Library. Big Sur, CA •Victoria Williams •Wildlife Freeway •Erin Durant
2018 Aug 25…Spirit Speak Headquarters. Joshua Tree, CA •Wildlife Freeway •Fingerprince •Bex Oasi•Tough Boy
2018 Aug 9.....The Palms. Wonder Valley. CA •Victoria Williams •New Issue • Wildlife Freeway
2018 June 24. Under the Tree. Joshua Tree, CA •Little Mazarn • Wildlife Freeway • MNTN GRL
2018 Apr 27...'Angels of Amboy' Roy's. Amboy, CA •Wildlife Freeway •Adobe Collective •Itasca •General Baby • MNTN GRL •Ramona Rose •Blank Tapes •JR Junior
2018 Apr 23...Taylor Junction. Joshua Tree, CA •Wildlife Freeway •Anna Christie and the Saphires •Red Ribbon
2017 Dec 9.....The Palms. Wonder Valley, CA • Victoria Williams •Wildlife Freeway • The Blues
2017 Aug 7....Satellite Sparkle. Traverse City, MI •Samuel Seth Bernard •Wildlife Freeway
2017 Mar 24..Totally Blown Studio. Joshua Tree, CA •Wildlife Freeway
2017 Mar 29..House Show hosted by Nicole Buffet, Topanga, CA
2017 feb 18...'Standing Rock Tea House Benefit', Furst World Joshua Tree, CA •Wildlife Freeway •Spencer Keizer •Regal Pooch
2017 feb 4.....Frontier. Yucca Valley, CA •Wildlife Freeway
2017 jan 9.....Lost Horse Saloon. Marfa, TX •Wildlife Freeway
2017 jan 8.....House Show. Austin, TX •Wildlife Freeway
2017 jan 6.....Wonderland. New Orleans, LA • Wildlife Freeway •Bosques Fragmentados
2016 nov 26..Piano's. NYC, NY • Wildlife Freeway •Casual Sexists


Oct 3....Trans Pecos. Brooklyn, NY •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant •Colin Langenus
Oct 4....QED. Philadelphia, PA •Okolona Adriana • Erin Durant •Turner Williams
Oct 5....Monkeyclaus. Nellysford, VA •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 6....WXOX Live Radio Performance. Louisville, KY•Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 12..Starline Social Club. Oakland, CA•Kyp Malone •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 14..Henry Miller Library. Big Sur, CA • Kyp Malone •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 15..Dan & Amy's. Santa Cruz, CA • Kyp Malone •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 16..The Nail Factory. Nevada City, CA •Kyp Malone •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant •Gilded Rooks
Oct 19..365 Mission. Los Angeles, CA • Kyp Malone •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 22..Dreamhouse. Joshua Tree, CA •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 23..Lost Horse Saloon. Marfa, TX •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 25..Hackberry House. Austin, TX•Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant •Little Mazarn
Oct 28..Music Box. New Orleans, LA • Kyp Malone•Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant
Oct 30..House Show. Frenchtown, NJ •Kyp Malone •Okolona Adriana •Erin Durant

2016 sep 23..Narnia. Brooklyn, NY • Wildlife Freeway
2016 aug 20.Pioneer Works. Brooklyn, NY •Senyawa with Greg Fox, Adriana Atema, Brian Chase...
2016 jun1.....The Record Shop. Brooklyn, NY •Kyp Malone • Adriana Atema •Erin Durant • Garret Devoe
2015 jun12...Manhattan Inn. Brooklyn, NY • Erin Durant •Gardens •Wildlife Freeway
2015 mar 18.Manhattan Inn. Brooklyn, NY •Talibam•Rock Collector•Arrington de Dionyso • Adriana Atema
2015 feb13...Meddlesome Lab. Rochester, NY • Seth Fergolzia • Archimedes • Wildlife Freeway • Paxtor •B100s
2015 jan23...Van Dyke Park. Brooklyn, NY • NYMPH • Man Forever • Wildlife Freeway
2015 jan19...Pete's Candy Store. Brooklyn, NY •Matana Roberts •Wildlife Freeway •Erin Durant •George W. Carruth
2014 apr 12..Piano performance for "Crystal-C" by Jasa, Pioneer Works, Brooklyn, NY. April 12
2014 dec 19..Smith St. Studios. Brooklyn, NY•Unstoppable Death Machine•XXXPRSNXXX•Wildlife Freeway•Csisterna•UFHoes
2014 nov 30..Pete's Candy Store. Brooklyn, NY •Wildlife Freeway •Kelsey Lu • Erin Durant • Gardens
2014 oct 3.....AA RH Studio. Brooklyn, NY•Erin Durant•Wildlife Freeway •Heidi Beth

Animal Medicine Cards

Past Events:

Bombay Beach Bienalle, Bombay Beach, CA March 23-24
Mojave Flea. Yucca Valley, CA Feb 16-17 2019
SheWolf. Grand Opening. Ojai, CA Animal Medicine Cards February 2, 2018
Midnight Oil Gallery. Yucca Valley, CA November 2018
Poetics of the Handmade. Santa Barbara, CA Dec 1, 2018
Deck the Halls. Ojai, CA Dec 15, 2018
Hammer Museum. Store curated by Andrea Zittel. Los Angeles, CA 2018
Site SantaFe Museum. AMC Cards readings Santa Fe, NM Nov 24-25 2018


Site Sante Fe Museum of Modern Art, Santa Fe, NM
Hammer Museum Store, Los Angeles, CA
Henry Miller Memorial Library, Big Sur, CA
The Station, Joshua Tree, CA
SheWolf, Ojai, CA
Narnia, Brooklyn, NY
The End, Yucca Valley, CA
Sheila B, Joshua Tree,CA
Moon Wind Trading Co., Landers, CA
Shop on the Mesa, Yucca Valley, CA
Kitchen Mouse, Los Angeles, CA
Pop-Hop, Los Angeles, CA
Mom & Pop Shop, Fayetteville, AK
Palo Santo Shop, Philadelphia, PA
Yes Wolf Spirit, Rockport, MA

Books by Adriana Atema

2018 "Animal Medicine Cards" Oracle deck
2015 "You" by me. Live 2-Handed Portrait book
2015 "Little Sister" Poems


Second Sunday Artist Lecture Potlucks
hosted by Adriana Atema in Joshua Tree, CA



2018 June 10 •Shari Elf
2018 May 13 •Victoria Williams
2018 April 8   •Xihomara
2018 Mar 11  •Peri Lee
2018 Feb 11   •Mary Evans

Art Music Tea Party
hosted by Adriana Atema


2015 dec 6 AA RH Studio Brooklyn, NY: • adriana atema•pat murano •chioke nassor •bunny michael • lauren bilanko •erin durant •eren gulfidan•mia berg •katherine mcloud •catherine despont •chris kardembekis•taylor yates •leslie satterfield •cassie yup•hanna kemph •Lk naps •arno mokros •eno edit•paulie anne duke•

2015 feb 28 AA RH Studio. Brooklyn, NY: • adriana atema •eril durant •colin langenus •paul korzan •coke wisdom oneil •maya erdelyi-perez •tessa meach •veronika•jonothan harris •richard saudek •jessica laser •johnny st.ours •revel woodard •marco orozco •jaime idea •klyde •mollie shira andron •

2014 nov 8AA RH Studio. Brooklyn, NY: •adriana atema•laura tiffin•joey frank•tora lopez•erin durant•sasha'mani•thalia forbes•marco orozco•jay macdonald•mollie mckinley•mathew galindo•jonah emerson bell•kelsey lu mcjunkins•annapurna shriram•lauren bilanko•jade fusco•jessica laser • george west carruth•veronika gorchov•

2012 mar 6   AA RH Studio. Brooklyn, NY: •adriana atema•tyler rowe•kyp malone•jessica sowards•jonah emerson bell•andrew schrock•corinne loperfido• paulie anne duke•

2011 may 26 Parse Gallery. New Orleans, LA: •adriana atema•sarah peterson•jor kane•margot walsh•ricardo barba•delaney martin•tayler lee shepherd •andrew schrock•ben wolf•vanessa cronan•serra victoria bothwell fels•mollie underpins•

2010 nov 22 Bushwick Project for the Arts: The Trailer Park. Brooklyn, NY: •"Everyone Wins and You Light Up My Life" •adriana atema•johhny fritz aka corndawg•johnny fogg•max fenton•max serota•jelle atema•lopi laroe•

2010 feb19 McArthur B. Arthur Gallery. Oakland, CA: •adriana atema•eve bradford•kevin clarke•geoff morris•alex friend•lee•asaf•

2009 may 10 Cinders Gallery. Brooklyn, NY: •adriana atema•mark orleans•heidi beth ferral•kyp malone• johnny fritz•liam crill• max fenton•sto•johnny fogg•lopi laroe•

2009 april 26 The Bridge PAI. Charlottesville, VA: •adriana atema•max fenton•matteus frankovich•ali cheff•vanessa stangil•john salidis•

2008 dec   17 Blue6. San Francisco, CA: •adriana atema•jascha ephraim•jessy brown•joe lewis•tora fujimoto•steffi sue•logan•